Al Shamekhun Contracting Company

20 Years
Entity Type Individual Establishment
Vendor Type Contractor
Contractor Scope Supply & Installation
Organizational Structure
Alshamekhun contracting company WLL with a capital of 2 million Saudi Riyals was established in 2003 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under license No 2/435 by the Investment Authority on 25/6/2003 and registered at the Ministry of Commerce on 18/8/2003. The company is founded by five brothers of contractors and engineers who were working separately in construction and Engineering consulting since 1978 in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria. The company completed & overhanded wide range of projects in governmental and private areas. Our main clients are the Ministry of Social Affairs, the General Organization for Military Industries, the Border Guards, Ministry of Interiors and the Ministry of Education along with private clients. Projects range over many fields such as educational buildings, Schools, private villas in Riyadh, administration buildings, stores and warehouses, industrial plants and factories, hospitals, electrical works and sub-structural works. All projects were completed and overhanded to owners on time and with high quality. Al-Shamekun has received certificates in quality and good execution from owners and supervisory bodies. The company was growing rapidly since 2003. The company's fixed labor has also grown to exceed 300 employees of Engineers, Forman and qualified workers complying with Saudization regulations and state requirements. In addition, Al-Shamekhun’s classification has risen into the third-degree class in building construction and second-degree class in building maintenance, striving now to achieve the lift to second-degree class in Building construction. The Administration is seeking to develop its implementation methodologies to cope with the size of projects. Some of which is incorporating more aspects of technology to aid in several areas such as project management, financial flow control and critical path control software. In addition to choosing the right equipment, training and promoting our staff and employees.